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    • don’t be sorry bby, hope you like it! this request is so cute ahh. not really getting ready for bed but it’s something! (`・ω・´)ゞ



    "Move over," you ordered jokingly at your boyfriend, Jackson, who was hogging the sink and shirtless, since he just got out of the shower. You grabbed the toothpaste and your toothbrush before squirting some of its contents onto the brush, but Jackson wouldn’t budge.

    "Yah!" you whined, trying to push him over by hip-bumping him.

    He smirked at you, brushing his teeth, and sided you back with more force. He was much stronger than you, and taller, so you nearly fell sideways from the impact. He laughed loudly and watched as you glared furiously at him.

    "Jackson! Just let me brush my teeth!"

    He continued to ignore your protests, enjoying the sight of you complaining so much, and faced the mirror. You watched him as he tried desperately to suppress his snicker. Why did he always have to tease you right before bedtime?

    You groaned in a snit. “Fine then, I see how it is.” you mumbled and began to storm out of the bathroom. But before you could leave, he turned his body swiftly and grabbed your wrist.

    "Wait, I was just teasing!" he exclaimed, laughing at your temper. With his grip still on your wrist to prevent you from leaving, he quickly finished up, rinsing his mouth and drying his face with the towel and alas, turned to face you. He scooted aside and released his grip on your wrist so that you could brush your teeth. "All done, ma lady."

    You did nothing but glare at him as he gave a cheeky, innocent smile in an attempt to placate you. You grunted and made your way over to the counter, grabbing hold of your toothbrush before proceeding to brush your teeth.

    "You’re such a bully," you grumbled, toothbrush still in your mouth, so the words came out a bit muffled.

    "Mmhmm…" he murmured and wrapped his arms around your waist from the back. You could feel his bare chest pressed against your back and you tried your hardest to avert your attention from him, but he made it even harder when he buried his face into your shoulder, pulling your waist closer to his body.

    You quickly rinsed your mouth and your toothbrush, not able to take his actions. Placing your toothbrush into the cup and patting your mouth dry with the towel that he used earlier, you quickly spun around and faced him. He smirked down at you and leaned in to kiss your lips, but to his dismay you turned your face and pushed him away from you, forcing him to release his hold on you. You heard him grunt in displeasure and you smirked; it was your turn to play.

    "Nope, you’re a bully, remember?" you said and made your way over to the bedroom with him right on your trail.

    ”_______,” he whined like a baby, “don’t be like this!”

    You grinned mischievously and ignored his complaints. “No one likes a bully, Jackson. And you’re a bully.” You approached your bed and fluffed your pillow, making sure it was as nice and comfy for your liking.

    “I was just teasing, I swear!” He stuck out his bottom lip in an exaggerated pout and batted his eyelashes at you, knowing that his aegyo was the most effective way to mollify your anger. You watched him as he stomped his feet on the ground angrily like a little kid throwing a tantrum. Sometimes you wondered if you were really in a committed relationship with a twenty-year old.

    You simply clamped your lips shut to suppress the giggle that was threatening to force its way out of your mouth. Your boyfriend was practically begging for your forgiveness, even when your anger was feigned. You shook your head no and sat down on the bed.

    Jackson scampered over to you and stood directly in front of you, taking your hands in his. That stupid pout remained on his face and you couldn’t help but succumb to your body’s desires as you burst out in a fit of giggles.

    He smirked, having you completely under his control, and pinned you down to the bed. Being the evil boyfriend he was, he brought his hands to your waist and ruthlessly began tickling you, knowing exactly where your most ticklish spots were. What a cruel, cruel man.

    You vigorously squirmed underneath him, shaking uncontrollably from your laughter and even heard him uttering laughs of his own from watching you suffer.

    "S-stop, please!" you squealed, eyes brimming with tears from your howls of laughter.

    "What was that? I can’t really understand you!"

    After what felt like a thousand years, you finally managed to seize his hands, forcing him to stop. “Please,” you breathed, recovering from your heavy breathing, “stop…”

    Jackson snickered down at you before planting a sloppy yet passionate kiss on your lips. He was still hovering over you, arms on either sides of your body to support himself up, and you could feel your stomach do flip flops.

    Once he finally pulled away, he stood up, turned off the lights, and hastily crawled over to his side of the bed. He lay down and immediately spread out his right arm, gesturing for you to scoot in and lay your head on his chest.

    Surrendering, you exhaled deliberately and rolled over to him, a pout plastered on your face. You positioned yourself comfortably in his arms and sighed against his chest. You closed your eyes, exhausted. “You really are a bully.”

    His chest shot up and down, howling with laughter. Squeezing your body tightly, he smooched the top of your head and caressed your back gently. You felt your eyes drooping, sleep slowly overcoming your body.

    "I know. But you know you love it."

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  • wacksonjang7First Choice - Gabe Bondoc & Got7's Jackson Wang pleaseeee ((:
  • queeenangeliee

    “Yuri-ah! Yuri-ah!” You heard your best friend yelling your name as he ran through the hallway waving frantically at you.

    “Yah! Jackson-ah, I’m right here you don’t need the whole school to know that too,” you said, lightly hitting his arm.

    “Soooo,” Jackson started as he put his arm around you, wiggling his eyebrows, “has anyone asked you to spring formal yet?”

    Just as you were about to answer, Bambam ran up to you both.

    “Noona~” Bambam looked up at you, pulling out the aegyo card, “will you go to spring formal with me?”

    “You’re a year younger than us, Bammie, you can’t go.”

    “But noona! I wanna go with you!”

    “The lady said no, Bambam” Jackson replied sharply, and with that, you felt his grip tighten around you as you both left Bambam standing in the middle of the hallway.

    “Aww is our King Mandu jealous?” you asked, turning to face him.

    You have no idea. “What? No ew. I was just saving you from the aegyo kid and making sure that you go to the dance with the best possible person.”

    “Really? Who would that be?”

    “With m—,” he started, quickly realizing what he was about to say, “—oh what yeah Mark I’m coming!” Jackson left running in the opposite direction, leaving you there wondering who his answer was going to be. Shrugging, you walked to class deciding to ask him later.

    That was too close.

    Jackson didn’t have the guts to tell you how he really felt. Seeing Bambam asking you to spring formal, he realized that there’d be other guys who would ask you too. And soon.

    You left your last class with bouquets of flowers and chocolates held in your arms. Just because you reject guys, doesn’t mean you can’t accept the gifts, right?

    Walking to your locker, you saw Jackson and another girl talking to each other. Not wanting to interrupt anything, you hid behind the corner, listening to their conversation.

    “Jackson oppa, will you go to the spring formal with me?” You could tell she was trying way too hard to be cute and you had to resist the urge to regurgitate your lunch.

    “Ah, sorry. But I’m already going with someone,” Jackson calmly replied.

    “Oh. Oh okay oppa, well I guess I’ll see you around” the girl said, dropping the sweet voice.

    As you came out from the corner, you walked to over to Jackson, quickly dumping the flowers and chocolates into your locker.

    “Wow King Mandu and his cool way of breaking hearts, so smooth,” you said, chuckling to yourself.

    “Well, it looks like our Yuri-ah is accepting hearts. How many have you collected today?”

    “None, I’m only here for the gifts,” you laughed, while Jackson inwardly sighed a breath of relief.

    Come on Jackson, it’s now or never.

    “Hey um Yuri-ah?” Jackson looks at you, nervousness etched in his features.

    “Hey what’s wrong?” You asked, suddenly worried.

    “You asked earlier, who would be the best person for you to go to the dance with…”

    You nodded, not seeing where this was going.

    “Well, c-can I be your first choice Yuri-ah?” Jackson waited for a reaction, getting none, so he continued, “Look, we’ve been friends since we were in diapers and I honestly don’t know if I can stand the possibility of anyone else asking you to go to the dance with them or asking you to be theirs.” Looking down, Jackson felt relieved to get that off of his chest, but hearing the silence, he couldn’t bear to look back up.

    “Jackson-ah,” you started, looking up at him, “I feel the same way.”

    “What? You do?” Jackson quickly looked up with a smile starting to grow on his face.

    “Yeah, I do. You can be my first and only choice, Jackson-ah, but where’s my chocolates?” you asked, holding your hand out expectantly.

    Jackson looked at your hand and took it in his, pulling you closer as he did so and leaning down to kiss you.

    “Is that sweet enough for you?”

    A/N: Sorry it’s so short TT^TT I hope you liked it! I’m totally cool with rewriting it if it isn’t how you wanted it. But them Jackson feels though~

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  • Anonymoushi :3 can i please have an scenario with Taehyung where he makes his relationship public? thank you<3
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    Taehyung looked cool, sitting beside you and talking easily with his hyungs. Only the way he squeezed your hand clued you in to his nerves. For awhile now, he had been planning to tell the rest of BTS that you were more than just a friend from school - but he was scared as to how they would react.

    This was a relaxed outing for karaoke, something that would be fun and silly, so you didn’t think it would be out of place to show a little more skinship than usual. You kept close to him, never letting go of his hand.

    When it was V’s turn, he selected their own song from the karaoke menu - Just One Day was miraculously one of the options there, and honestly, it fit the two of you perfectly. Taehyung was often busy, his schedule interfering with your dating. It was a heartfelt song, and it was clear that he was expressing that as he performed for you, even as he made you laugh with his hilarious impressions of Rap Monster and J-Hope at their respective raps.

    As the song came to a close, you leaned forward, feeling a surge of bravery. Taehyung nodded, giving you an encouraging smile as you put your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, simple and chaste but loving.

    You couldn’t help but blush at the surrounding chorus of “oooh!” from the members who were looking - followed by the snide little tease from Jimin, “He’s finally come out with it! Trying to start some sort of scandal?” You gasped softly as V’s arms tightened around your waist, and you felt him smile against your lips at Jimin’s taunts.

    - Admin Rin

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    this is so cute! Woah!!

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